Our region continues to evolve and we grow with it.In business, sometimes humanity gets lost in the gobbledygook.

Take our business, for example. In real estate, an oh-so-dry sounding title is actually the very exciting legal permission a buyer needs to say, “I own this place!” And a cold, detached-sounding title company is really an enlightened, dedicated group of people with their collective eye on one single prize: ensuring nothing can get between a buyer and their dream property.

At least, that’s how we think of ourselves at CentraLand Title Company. Ever since Temple’s very own Jerry Secrest and Thomas Baird founded the business in 1980s, we’ve worked hard to turn a process often perceived as impersonal and frustrating into a positive (dare we say blissful) experience. For us, that means knowing our Central Texas market, using our manners, being available and communicative, offering convenience and, most importantly, providing a smooth-as-silk, surprise-free closing. Collectively, our people have been doing just that for more than 30 years, and the word on the street is that we do our jobs pretty well. In the decades since our doors opened, we’ve seen clients become friends and neighbors, and friends and neighbors become clients. We value and take pride in our close working relationships with other title companies, real estate professionals, lenders and attorneys in the Central Texas area and beyond. We make it a point to be solid professional partners as well as upstanding citizens of this community.

DAWNGaining respect in a region like ours requires integrity and dependability, and CentraLand has been in this business long enough to have it down to a science. Our approach is pretty simple, really. Buyers come to us with a transaction request and expectations of friendly professionalism, knowledge, accuracy and accountability. Our experienced staff meets those expectations by conducting a thorough and precise title examination punctuated by frequent, understandable communication. Then, without muss or fuss, we stand ready to close the transaction and issue a title policy to the buyer.

Straightforward? Yes. Cookie-cutter?  No.  Because every transaction is different, we continually asses and update an array of services that enables us to meet every possible need.

Expedited title and escrow services for both commercial and residential transactions? Check. E-filing and e-signing options? Check. In-the-know assistance with 1031 exchanges? Check.In this time of rapid change, evolving technology and impersonal interactions, CentraLand knows that when we put customers first, good stuff follows for all. So, we’ll keep doing what we do best—providing quality customer service, holding up our end of the real estate bargain and cutting through the gobbledygook so more of our friends and neighbors can say, “I own this place!”