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CentraLand is proud of our professional staff members.
We will assist you in contacting the proper department for your needs.

The CentraLand team of professionals specializes in transactions from the simplest, cash, raw land closing to the most complex of multimillion dollar commercial transactions involving several counties. The practical experience of the CentraLand team ensures a smooth process for our customers. You are assured of trust and you can be confident that each transaction is handled with the utmost professionalism.

Our principals are long-time Bell County real estate professionals, and their expertise and knowledge are valuable resources. CentraLand's hands-on approach to success is evident.

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Linda Chaison
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 105          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: lchaison@centralandtitle.com
Title Plant L to R: (back) Amy, Brian, Brandon, Vivian, Heather | (front) Pat, Lincoln, Sheila, Jill
Brian Schrimsher (Plant Manager)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 139          Fax: 254-771-0360
Email: bschrimsher@centralandtitle.com
New Orders
Amy Young
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 109          Fax: 254-771-0360
Email: ayoung@centralandtitle.com
Brian Schrimsher
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 139          Fax: 254-771-0360
Email: bschrimsher@centralandtitle.com
Escrow L to R: (back) Cathy, Laura, Carrol, Connie, Terri | (front) Alisa, Linda, Suzannah
Carrol Cross (Escrow Officer)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 122          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: ccross@centralandtitle.com
Gaile Elsik (Escrow Assistant)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 106          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: gelsik@centralandtitle.com
Cathy Thomas (Escrow Officer)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 107          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: cthomas@centralandtitle.com
Cindi Plasek (Escrow Assistant)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 123          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: cplasek@centralandtitle.com
Connie Simank (Escrow Officer)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 113          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: csimank@centralandtitle.com
Alisa Jannicke (Escrow Assistant)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 118          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: ajannicke@centralandtitle.com
Laura Rublee (Commercial Escrow Officer)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 101          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: lrublee@centralandtitle.com
Funding/Post-Closing Lorianne, Donna, Belinda | (not pictured) Mary Ann
Donna Pavel
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 104          Fax: 254-778-6756
Email: dpavel@centralandtitle.com
Belinda Zalkovsky
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 102          Fax: 254-778-6756
Email: bzalkovsky@centralandtitle.com
Policy Department L to R: Susan, Linda, Elizabeth, Kim, Dawn, Charlene
Charlene Burk (Policy Department Coordinator)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 136          Fax: 254-771-0794
Email: cburk@centralandtitle.com
Survey Analyst
Lorianne Bland
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 142          Fax: 254-771-0794
Email: lbland@centralandtitle.com
Marketing L to R: Suzanne, Haley, Cindi, Patti
Patti Oldham (Marketing Manager)
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 112          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: poldham@centralandtitle.com
Suzanne Guess
Phone: 254-771-1346   Ext. 108          Fax: 254-774-7899
Email: sguess@centralandtitle.com
Reception L to R: Bobbie - Temple, Gerrie - Salado
Support Staff L to R: (back) Jana, Terry | (front) Linda, Barbara
CentraLand is dedicated to ongoing staff development and education. Our professional staff seeks new trends in the marketplace and evaluates those trends with an eye toward delivery of the services our customers expect. Personal care and respect are hallmarks of CentraLand.

We are committed to bringing to Central Texas real estate professionals, lenders and attorneys relevant information about the economic condition of Central Texas. We do this through functions such as the CentraLand Economic Summit.

CentraLand is committed to promoting education about title work in our community. We offer workshops and outreach programs to lenders, real estate professionals and others interested in the closing process.

If you or your organization wishes to schedule a workshop on any aspect of the closing process, please contact Patti Oldham at 254-771-1346.

CentraLand uses leading, state-of-the-art technology to research real estate records. All employees are trained to use specialized software programs designed for title companies. Our order process is streamlined for repeat customers: CentraLand tracks contact, timing and delivery option preferences, thereby reducing calls and inquiries regarding document handling.

Options for document delivery include fax, email, overnight mail or personal delivery.

Your timing drives the transaction. CentraLand works with you to meet your deadlines.

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